Biographical information / Professionnal Background

Cathy Bion crosses the ports of the world, from Morocco to the Brittany, from Portugal to Australia or Mexico, far from marked out ways. Without alteration, nor reframing, her photographic approach is abstracted, close to the painting.

The artist began the photography at the age of 8; her journeys from the adolescence, then her career in the communication and in the press contributed to the training of her look.

Since 1992, she shows her work in France and abroad (Japan, Hong-Kong, Morocco, Australia, Mexico, the USA); the French and foreign press speaks about it regularly.

« Couleurs d’alizés » , the monographic work which resumes her harbour stopovers, was published at the end of 2010 by « Critères Editions » (distribution in bookshops). Her photos are accompanied with art critics’ texts and by a graphic foreword of the draftsman Loustal.

The author also created several artists’ books and leads workshops of plastic arts since about fifteen years.

The gallery French Arts Factory accompanies in a perm way the artist and presents regularly her works.