Biographical Information / Professionnal Background

Claudine Ruellan, born on July 8th, 1956 in St Brieuc, spent her youth in Brittany. She studied at the School of Fine Arts of Brest in 1977; after a few years crossed in the education of the young children, Claudine meets Hélène Délis ceramist installed at the forefront of the Cap Ferret and rediscovers the clay :

From clay to terra-cotta : the form, the full and empty, the engobe, the flesh of the clay, the cooking of enamels, dress of the enamel … and the fires which fidget.

In 2000 she opens her own workshop of ceramic – raku. The oceanic influence is strong:

« The ocean which scolds, the sweetness and the roll of waves, wind in the mature of ports, the waves break, the transparency of the water from emerald green to turquoise; carry me and fill my ceramic work today »

Claudine continues to progress with numerous workshops here or somewhere else: In 2009, Mali, workshops « Mattieu Liévois » in 2010 and 2013, symposium Raku in Giroussens and workshop with the American ceramist Jim Romberg in 2012.

Recently awarded by the councils of Charente-Maritime and Gironde, the artist presents her ceramic creations in numerous art galleries today.