Biographical information/Professional background

For more than fifteen years that Valerie Colas des Francs shapes rye straw to restore marquetry furniture and objects. Born in the seventeenth century with inlaid wood, straw marquetry uses some of the same techniques. Nowadays, only the rye straw is worked.
Her experience has enabled him to acquire a thorough knowledge of quality and sustainability of this noble material, simple and adaptable. Composed of many minerals, straw naturally captures the light and reflects it in surprising ways. Easy to dye, it is an inexhaustible source of polychrome fantasies.
From 2000 to 2003, Valerie Colas des Francs is first a student of Master of Art Lison de Caunes.
Since 2007, she exceeds the standard registry furniture or wall decoration and moving towards the world of fashion accessories and jewelery, in which she brings out the radiant personality of matter; an opportunity to showcase her achievements in prestigious events.
“Today, it is the light that guides the rest of my work straw marquetry. Haute Couture, extravagant and innovative inspires me, I hope to bring the two worlds. “In February 2015, she participated in “Exceptions house,” the space of the Première Vision fair for high creation. .