Biographical information/Professional background


Fabio Deronzier was born August 10, 1996 in Paris into a family of artists. When he was 3 months, his father died, he was raised by his mother, to whom he dedicates a deep admiration. It is she who will train from its infancy to the fine arts. In 2011 he began studying art in Paris and is interested in painting, photography and video art.

Multidisciplinary artist Fabio Deronzier remains very marked by the work of Turner, Friedrich and the Romantic philosophy, while extending the meanings in our time, through the prism of its sensitivity. It directs his work towards his favorite themes it intends to deal in all lucidity: abandonment, bewilderment, loneliness.

Nevertheless through the work of Fabio Deronzier, much more than the simple continuation of the fascinations of the 19è century, we feel resounding the concerns and can be the despairs of ours.

The gallery French Arts Factory has represented Fabio Deronzier during 3 years. The artist besides participated in the Forum of the arts of St Malo in May 2016, and in the collective exhibitions of galleries 361 ° of Aix-en-Provence and Agora of Salon de Provence. His works are present in private collections in France and abroad.