Biographical information/Professional background

Mylène Mai, born in 1988, is a young artist who began showing her work in galleries and at art fairs in early 2014.

Mylène Mai first started to explore the use of materials in sculpture when she sought to evoke movement. Very quickly the pleasure of combining materials, of creating rough patches and textures, and the desire to paint and give a patina to the resulting reliefs took precedence over her figurative early works. Today she works to “open the envelope” of her sculptures by creating pictures in which she actually sculpts the materials.

Mai first takes plaster and pours it onto a canvas whose frame she has made herself. Her next step is to work to give the plaster shape and movement. She then works with color, in a series – blues, ochres, greens, reds – giving a certain tempo to her creative process. She creates a mixture using natural pigments and a special varnish. The work is painted using one or several colors, the relief sandpapered to hold the material’s natural light. Finally, the work is completed with the weathering process.