Biographical Information / Professionnal Background

Graduate of the school of the Decorative arts of Lyon in 1987, Stéphanie Calemard pursues her artistic searches in the graphics and the illustration in Lyon, in Paris then in Grenoble in various communication agencies to undertake finally, rich in these various experiences.

In parallel, it is in front of the mountain, in Saint-Ismier where she lives in the french region of Rhône-Alpes, where she creates in 2013 ” The awkward “, a first collection of lamps directly inspired by the nature and the colors, where she diverts transplantoirs funnily and fancy.

Other families of lamps will be born: ” the big capacity “, ” The deranged persons “, ” The fledged “, ” The got round ” always playful pretexts to divert elements and play with the light!

In 2015 come her ” Trees travelers “, a collection of bright and woolly trees, dressed in patchwork of woollen garments and declined in all the colors and the materials.

Stéphanie presents her creations to the fair « Maison &Objets » in Paris since 2008 and during Creators’ various Shows in France.