Biographical Information / Professionnal Background

Painter, illustrator since 1995, Véro Reato creates unchanging paintings of outside, what led her in 2013 towards a particular material: the concrete ultra high-performance, real revolution in the field of the construction.

Its flexibility of implementation, its mechanical performances and its infinite possibilities of inclusions allowed her to express her creativity in a singular way and freed in a combination of infinite, graphic textures with differentiating tones.

Looking in the visible and invisible universe, Véro is inspired by the natural environment which surrounds her: she observes, gleans, collects plant and mineral to integrate them into the material so that they merge in multiple cells in a concrete of culture for the realization of her wall installations, paintings, sculptures and objects.

She presents her creations during numerous events of creators and exhibitions through France, of which the fair « Maison & Objets » in Paris or the fair « Résonnances » in Strasbourg.