Biographical information/Professional background

Painter, Ludovic Isidore was born in 1968. He began by learning about the engraving with Emilio Serula to the workshop of the Fine arts of Nîmes in 1999. His exhibition in 2001 at Jean-Yves Lacroix ” Daily Inside ” was a turning point in his life. The big hit of this exhibition, the fruit of the new meetings, encouraged him to persevere in this choice, to live this passion completely. Today installed to Uzès, Ludovic so speaks to us about his art:


” … And for three years to Uzès in my workshop, I am.

It is a former joinery, I paint and the time disappears.

My origins are West Indian, Amerindian and Brittany.

I am not from here nor moreover, I explore.

Sometimes I leave, watercolors and pad in pocket,

I observe the worlds according to the meetings,

Real, invisible, internal worlds, floating.

I return increased, magnetized by this workshop.

I play with the seriousness of a child, several techniques attract me. I often favor the spontaneity and the howling visions.

Flowers are a pretext in the color, in the energy, the transparency. The written in a decorative hand signs become crowd,

Outlines appear, from the landscape a face gets free.

Then the painting bases, I take it back; everything gets clearer. ”

Regularly exposed in France and abroad since oct on 2000, Ludovic Isidore participated in particular in various fairs of contemporary art in Nîmes, Avignon, Arles, Versailles or Paris. To note his recent personal exhibitions in the castle of « La tour d’aigues », in the « évèché d’Uzès » or still in the gallery CirCa in Arles.

The gallery French Arts Factory accompanies in a perm way the artist and presents regularly his works.