The gallery

French Arts Factory is an unusual gallery. The artists it represents, each with special know-how, are focused on materials. They are ceramists, glass artists, sculptors of paper and of carton; they are marquetry inlayers working with straw, tapestry artists, calligraphers. They will take turns amazing you.

What do they have in common? Mastery of the material that serves contemporary Art.

Whether inspired by glass, earth, fire, thread or paper, their creativity is infinite.

Seeing that paper is a composite, bronze is ceramic, metal is carton lace, and steel is wood is a surprising experience – and well, this is the journey the gallery offers you.

What a wonderful opportunity it is to stand in support of French talents: at French Arts Factory, we’ve made this our specialty.

As you’ll see, the gallery’s founders are always in search of that rare, special find.

Véronique and Gérard MOULIN