Biographical Information / Professionnal Background

Born in 1958 in Rouen, Maxime Plancque is boilermaker, he worked in several jobs related to art: upholstery, restoration of paintings, gilding on wood …. At forty, he became a graduate of the School of Strasbourg where he attended a training ironwork. He then taught in Paris and Le Havre.

Then he naturally turned to sculpture. Since 2000, he lives on his creations and participates in many exhibitions in Paris and in France, also in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

In 2005, he received numerous awards, especially two major European prices.

Maxime lives in the Channel where he has his own forge:

«I’m working on this living iron that I love, I work with the elements, fire, air and water to stage daily life and share my dreams, my passions and emotions. 1,200 degrees to its melting, I print and model the moment in which I find myself».

Since 2013, his compositions now lead him to the monumental achievements.

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