Biographical Information / Professionnal Background

The qualified teacher of plastic arts, Bénédicte Klène develops an open and protean artistic work (drawing, small edition of artist’s books and multiple, painting, sculpture, installation, performance) which brings us to question the place of the art in the sensitive, physical and psychic space which we occupy.

Her artistic universe favors an experimentation of the look which questions indefatigably our relation within time, movement, space and world. A new facet of her artistic activity puts in tension relationships between the drawing and the immediate, the graphic report and the documentary investigation.

Regularly exposed in France and abroad, her works are present in private and public collections ( Ville d’Auray, Ville de Rennes, Maisir de l’Europe de Brest, Médiathèque de Renac, Commande publique du CNAP).