Antoine Pierini
5 March 2015

Thibault Lafleuriel

Biographical information/Professional background

After studies of Arts Applied in Alsace, Thibault Lafleuriel chose, as an evidence, the medium Glass. Here is now more than 13 years than he studies it and works it. This material does not stop amazing him. The ceaseless improvement of his knowledge with the integration of more and more complex techniques feeds his creations.

His universe is populated by images connected to the dream and to the fascinating world of sciences. Since 2013, Thibault makes a research work on the theme of the marine plankton, named “Plankton Works”.

In 2014, he participated in artist’s residence during 7 months to the Museum / center of Art of Carmaux. He was able to deepen this marine theme.

His sculptures are exposed in numerous art fairs in France and in Germany today. In 2015, he participated at the exhibition « Resonnaces » in Strasbourg and at the exhibition ” Pieces of exceptions ” in Colmar organized by the FREMAA.

The French Arts Factory presents the artworks of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition ” Marine Inspirations” in May 2016.