Biographical Information / Professional Background

To Marie-Madeleine Vitrolles, it all started with “Terracotta” material: rough or soft, malleable and sensual.

From art class to glazing or raku trainings, she learned to tame « Terracotta » over time while asserting its presence.

Gradually, she approached the world of ceramics and the woman chosen to translate oscillating between feelings of vulnerability, fear of breaking a fragile balance, impotence, and strength; were born so long and proud female figures, the burned bodies, like flayed, but who keep to the bottom of them a hope.

Today, the artist combines her modeling work to that of the composition to emphasize her favorite themes: solitude or expectation, sharing and complicity.

Made of sandstone grog (thicker dotted with small grains), covered with slip (porcelain with oxides) and enamelled, women ceramic of Marie-Madeleine are exhibited since 2002 at festivals, galleries and exhibitions in France, at the Salon of Creators of Space Whitecloak in Paris last December.

The gallery French Arts Factory accompanies in a perm way the artist and presents regularly her works.