Biographical information/Professional background

Passionate by art and drawing, Sophie worked as a stylist and as a designer for fifteen years in the fashion and haute couture Industry. In 2005, she turned to the world of Illumination.

Illumination is an art that finds its roots in the Early Middle Ages, originally aiming to “bring light” into ancient texts thanks to the use of gold leaves.The illuminator unveils an ancestral savoir-faire in which the gesture, precise and meticulous, possesses capital importance.

This exceptional work is made possible by the preciosity of the materials – parchment, pigments, gold, silver, and copper – that give an unmatched luxury to her creations.
Gradually Sophie freeds herself from the traditional codes of illumination to create unique pieces mixing contemporary innovations and medieval inspirations.

Since 2011, she has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and art Fairs in France and abroad (London, Tokyo, Miami, New York, Palma de Mallorca, Luxembourg); the French and foreign press regularly reports on her work.

In 2018, she was awarded the heritage prize by the « Ateliers d’Art de France » for the triptych “Les heures de Marguerite”