Biographical information/Professional background

After several years of practice and artistic research, he obtained in 2011 the title of Best Worker of France in glass art with a blowtorch, becoming the 17th winner in this category since the creation of the competition in 1924.

Referenced in the inventory of rare crafts, he is also president of the group of Best Craftsmen of France of the Cotes d’Armor.

In 2014, he made a trophy for the Senate on the occasion of the medal ceremony of the Best Apprentices of France.

Adrian blows the glass and sculpts it with a flame, he works the molten material to give it a form in accordance with the emotion he wishes to convey:

“An art of light, transparency and movement frozen in the beauty of the fragile and precious moment”.


The French Arts Factory presents the sculptures of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition “Brillance et Transparence” in May 2015.