Biographical information/Professional background

Christina Maximoff was born in 1976 in Leningrad. She comes from a family of intellectuals. Her mother, official translator of the Hermitage Museum and her father, an anthropology researcher, worked for the CNRS.

As an only child, Christina Maximoff lives surrounded by books. An avid reader and dreamer, she spent her childhood observing the landscapes during her parents’ travels. The landscapes of Normandy and the Loire region strongly marked her and developed her quest for solitude. Christina began her studies in painting and art history at Saint Lukas in Brussels, continued them at Saint Martins in London and then studied engraving in Paris.

Artist and restorer of French antiquities of the 18th and 19th centuries, specialized in gold leaves, she works with materials by mixing these ancestral gilding techniques with contemporary style.

“There is, in my work, an omnipresent conflict between accidents and calculated actions. The contrasts and the search for balance in the movements create landscapes of impressions, whether physical or emotional. A soft dark light that would become a visual melody? »

Christina lives and works in Paris. Since 1999, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in London, New York, Rome and Paris.