Biographical information/Professional background

Juan Trinidad was born in Jayaco, Bonao, Dominican Republic on June 10, 1963. He currently resides in Bonao, R.D. and teaches woodcarving in university centers.

In 1990, he began his visual arts practice in the field of scenography in tourist places.

In 1994 he moved to Buenos Aires, where he participated in workshops with important artists and joined the artistic life. Upon his return to the country, in 1996, he began a formal artistic training at the Centro de Artes Plaza de la Cultura, specializing in sculpture.

Juan Trinidad is a member of the Dominican College of Plastic Artists. Since 1993, he has participated in numerous group and individual exhibitions in the Dominican Republic, Latin America (Argentina, Costa Rica), Europe (Italy, France, Austria) and Canada.

His works are part of important private collections in the Dominican Republic, Argentina and France, as well as in cultural institutions such as the Cariforo Cultural Center, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Cándido Bidó Museum, the Plaza de la Cultura and the Museum of Modern Art.

The French Arts Factory presents the works of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition “Magia del Caribe” organized by the OT of the Dominican Republic in September 2018.