Antoine Pierini
5 March 2015

Junior Fritz-Jacquet

Biographical information/Professional background

Born in 1979 in Haiti, Junior Fritz Jacquet was fifteen years old when the origami virus caught him in a library in the Paris region. Since then, his know-how has been inspired by the ancestral techniques of origami, using sheets of paper in one piece, without any addition, cutting or gluing.

He uses sheets of paper that he folds and crumples to give life to surprising works: masks with multiple expressions, aerial light sculptures… In 1997, he joined the French Movement of Paper Planners (MFPP), then the Nippon Origami Association in 2004.

This sculptor practices the art of origami at its highest level by exploring new paths that give his works a very personal style. In 2008, he decided to devote himself full time to his art, he regularly exhibits in galleries, participates in the Masters of Origami, a prestigious international meeting of virtuosos. His works are present in the greatest sanctuaries of folding in the world, the Origami Gallery House in Tokyo and the Mingei International Museum in San Diego.

Imbued with lightness, delicacy and mystery, his luminous sculptures are metamorphoses of paper that play with shapes, folds and crumpling of the material, shadows and light.

The French Arts Factory presents the sculptures of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition “Brillance et Transparence” in May 2015.