Biographical information/Professional background

Lara Blanchard lives and works in France. After studying art in Strasbourg, she settled first in Ireland, then in the French Alps. In her house, set against the forest, facing the mountains, she never ceases to maintain her relationship with the magic of nature and the living, to question what she calls “the universal magic”.

Her prints on textile from the series of « Animal Souls » are largely inspired and nourished by her observations and encyclopaedias of botany, zoology, anatomy and entomology, which she approaches in a naturalist poetic way. The life sciences have always accompanied her from a very young age. She has found her graphic vocabulary there. In 2011, she obtained her first engraving press… Her drawings become then prints. She chooses the textile support which will allow her to apply the colour by hand, using a traditional technique of hand embroidery…

Through a work of embroidered engravings and a large project of sculptures / ornaments / masks started in 2017 that she calls AD LUCEM (still in progress), she explores humanity in all its primary, primitive even. And notes this ambiguous relationship we have with our animality.

The French Arts Factory has exhibited her AD LUCEM sculptures in November 2021 at the Montreux Art Gallery 2021.