Antoine Pierini
5 March 2015

Marie-Anne Thieffry

Biographical information/Professional background

A native of Normandy, Marie-Anne Thieffry followed the course of the FASE-Penninghen and ENSAAMA-Olivier de Serres, she graduated in interior architecture.

Art director in advertising for 25 years, she discovers the carton in 2003, through the designs of architects Frank Gehry and Shigeru Ban. She decided to return to her first love and opens her studio in 2005.

Her work revolves around various artistic fields: design, sculpture, art … with the use of cardboard and recycled paper as thread. Concerned with the ecological question, it aims to reintegrate these materials into a new life cycle.

It uses the collage-cons for the graphic side of the groove cardboard, lace card for its delicacy and poetry, weaving and paper for its very rhythmic side. It seeks to develop these techniques to bring the cardboard and paper to very often unexpected universe, while drawing inspiration from the world around her.

Since 2009, she has exhibited her creations in salons and galleries in Normandy, Paris and Belgium..

The French Arts Factory presents the artworks of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition “Feminine Humanity” in September 2015.