Antoine Pierini
5 March 2015

Mireille Guérin

Biographical information/Professional background

Mireille studies mural art to the College ENSAAMA in 1973, then a training of Tapestry-maker to the School of Fine Arts of Angers in 1984. She obtains the 1st departmental price of Craft Art (SEMA, Val-d’Oise) in 2000, and participates in the creation of the Center of Textile Art of Angers in 1986.

She presents her creations since 1990 in galleries, museums, during contemporary art fairs, during Workshops of Paris ; she also have training courses and workshops around the tapestry.

Mireille Guérin uses the ancestral technique which is practised on the vertical chain of the loom. This traditional know-how put in the service of the contemporary art takes a new dimension when the artist gives free rein to her creativity. With this innovative approach, she sculptures the material, explores her possibilities of putting in volume through infinite gradations stemming from plants tinctoriales. This work on the color accompanies and enriches her theme of preference: the evocation of the vegetable.

“My tapestries are unique pieces, realized in wool, cotton, linen, silk … My work is not representational, I express my feelings in the face of the nature, the light and the colors. I use the traditional technique of the tapestry but I give a big importance to the freedom and to the creativity”.

The French Arts Factory Gallery has featured the artist’s work in numerous exhibitions since 2015.