Biographical information/Professional background

Mylène Mai is a young artist born in 1988. She has been exhibiting in galleries and during art shows since early 2014.

She first explored the material through sculpture by seeking the evocation of movement. Very quickly, the pleasure of combining materials, creating roughness, textures, the desire to paint and patina the reliefs obtained took precedence over her figurative beginnings. Today, the artist works on “unwinding the envelope” of her sculptures by creating paintings from which she sculpts the material.

Mylène uses plaster which she casts on a canvas for which she has created the frame. Then comes the time of work on the material to which she will give a form, a movement. Then the time of the color that she works by series and which give rhythm to the various periods of her creation. The painting is painted with one or more colors, the relief sanded to keep the natural light of the material and finally it is completed with the work of patina.

“I try to make the material precious by evoking that which is worked by the hand of Man, nature or time. I often create from my sensory memories: the shine and patina of metals, the roughness of stone, the crumbling coal, the erosion of rock, the crackling and veining of wood… the evocation of nature can bring out the trace of a memory, the reminiscences of a texture already touched, of a flash of light already perceived, bringing to life the simple emotion of being touched by what is familiar.

The French Arts Factory presents the paintings of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition “An entry in colored matters” in March 2015.