Antoine Pierini
5 March 2015

Nathalie Morand

Biographical information/Professional background

Nathalie may have honed her technique and artistic skills in Paris, but she eventually returned to the region where she was born: the Alps of Haute-Savoie. It was here that she decided to make nature her favorite subject. Figurative painter, nourished by the work of colorist painters from Provence, Nathalie Morand touches us by immersing us in this universe… very close to that of the expressionists… at the height of the beauty of these landscapes that she loves so much.

Free as a bird, she tells us:

“I invite you to follow me along the paths of lakes and mountains

Open your eyes wide!

Listen carefully!

Can you hear the babbling brook? the song of the birds, the beating of their wings?

Smell the fresh grass, flowers and trees?

Admire the incredible architecture of the mountains!

In short, take the time to step aside and rediscover your childlike eyes.

Nathalie has been exhibiting her work in Haute-Savoie for several years. The French Arts Factory gallery is delighted to present her work for the first time.


The artist’s works displayed below are all available for purchase – if you wish to purchase a work, note the name, click on the “Purchase” option at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

Nathalie Morand - Crépuscule dans la neige du Mont Caly - 40 x 30 cm Nathalie Morand - Heure bleue à Morzine - 55 x 38 cm Nathalie Morand - Le lac des Plagnes - 55 x 46 cm Nathalie Morand - Roc d'Enfer depuis la route d'Ardent - 60 x 60 cm Nathalie Morand - Roc d'Enfer en habit de lumière - 61 x 46 cm Nathalie Morand - Les dents du Midi - 55 x 38 cm Nathalie Morand - Morzine en fin de journée - 41 x 27 cm Nathalie Morand - Neiges au Mont Caly - 46 x 33 cm Nathalie Morand - Sous le regard du monde de Grange - 35 x 24 cm