Antoine Pierini
5 March 2015

Valérie Colas des Francs

Biographical information/Professional background

For more than fifteen years Valérie Colas des Francs has been shaping rye straw to restore furniture and objects in marquetry. Born in the 17th century with wood marquetry, straw marquetry uses some of the same techniques.

Her experience has allowed her to acquire a perfect knowledge of the qualities and durability of this noble, simple and adaptable material. Composed of many mineral elements, straw naturally captures light and reflects it in a surprising way.

From 2000 to 2003, Valérie Colas des Francs was first a student of Master of Art Lison de Caunes.

Since 2007, she has gone beyond the classic register of furniture and wall decoration and has turned to the world of fashion accessories and jewelry, in which she brings out the radiant personality of the material; an opportunity to present her creations in prestigious events.

“Today, it is the light that remains the guide of my work as a straw marker. Haute Couture, extravagant and innovative inspires me, I hope to bring the two worlds together”. In February 2015, she participated in “Maison d’Exceptions,” the space at the Première Vision show dedicated to haute creation.

The French Arts Factory presents the artworks of the artist on the occasion of the exhibition “Brillance et Transparence” in May 2015.