Effloraison 1

Florence Nerisson

“Each painting is like a dazzling lightning. I attach great importance to the intensity in the act of painting. After a necessary conditioning, and when I feel totally absorbed, I can then give free rein to the sensations, the images that arise, concentrated and at the same time totally available, relaxed, instinctive…”. FN

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Grégoire Lemaire

Grégoire Lemaire is the pupil of a nourishing land, holder of his raw material. She gives him a lot but he knows how to extract even more…

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Marie Basle

Marie Basle chooses the way of the association of in fact incompatible, heterogeneous rooms, in the wild aspect: it is her red wire. The spontaneity which characterizes our artist “of the singular art” give birth to mosaics – portraits of an incredible wealth. You have not perceived all the details yet, then stand back, it is striking.

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Ludovic Isidore

Each of us is at the crossroads of Ludovic’s Heritages of Humanity. Rich in racial, cultural, artistic origins, these half-man and half-animal characters are a profound synthesis of them.
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Anne Rabion

From her imagination are born unique sandstone sculptures, revealing shapes, materials and colours after the fire test.
The sculptures then take the form of a moving bestiary: Agile panther, docile bear, powerful bull… They develop sober and refined lines, a bit asymmetrical, playing on textures and contrasts brut-enamelled, soft-rough.
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Sophie Theodose

Illumination is an art that finds its roots in the Early Middle Ages, originally aiming to “bring light” into ancient texts thanks to the use of gold leaves. Gradually Sophie Théodose freeds herself from the traditional codes of illumination to create unique pieces mixing contemporary innovations and medieval inspirations.

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La vie en rose

Emmanuel Bour

Emmanuel Bour by working native wood of his region makes be reborn the material. The alternation of the heights and the space gives to his compositions an ambivalent presence, between abstraction and representation. What the nature gets interests him as much as what he can shape himself. It comings and goings between intentions and discoveries, asserts a mastered materiality. The accomplished synthesis of his work serves a surprising creative power.

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Espoirs de Femmes

Marie-Madeleine Vitrolles

They stand, grouped or alone control their space, women of Marie-Madeleine Vitrolles are not dominent, and even less arrogant or conquerors. On the contrary, they convey a catchy positivity in their quest for life, they are flagship, witnesses, guides, and it is already surprising to need them, to love them.

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Sculpture forgée - Le Clan

Maxime Plancque

Maxime Plancque embodies the contrasts. He hits hard on the metal which lets itself be tamed temporarily and gives rise to long fragile silhouettes. And when the malleable freezes, the magic happens. What wealth!

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Homme Bélier

Fabienne Blas

At the same time worrying, powerful, animal, Fabienne Blas’ carnival mask is first of all “inhabited”. The artist also specifies “The theatre mask makes the body radiate, the carnival mask hides it and allows it to be other”.

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Formation Magellente

Christina Maximoff

Christina Maximoff is one of those who need to get lost. Through thought, it is from a meditative state that her paintings, alliances of paths followed and paths of traverse are born.

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Switch me on


Jeanne Sarah Bellaiche

During her stay in the south of India, Jeanne Sarah drew a new repertoire of forms, by practising the cooking of smoking. Wrapped in plant motifs or arabesques, her “Madame” seems so light , with an inside and an outside, a hidden appearance and face, a skin and an interiority.

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Sculpture de Bambous noirs

Antoine Pierini

Antoine PIERINI, glass sculptor, settled on the French Riviera, has been working with glass from a very young age. He manages to tame the molten matter even though it seems irremediably hostile to us. He sometimes marries glass with volcanic rock as if to encourage us to live in symbiosis with our environment.

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