Ludovic Isidore

Each of us is at the crossroads of Ludovic’s Heritages of Humanity. Rich in racial, cultural, artistic origins, these half-man and half-animal characters are a profound synthesis of them.
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Marie Baslé

Marie Baslé chooses the way of the association of in fact incompatible, heterogeneous rooms, in the wild aspect: it is her red wire. The spontaneity which characterizes our artist “of the singular art” give birth to mosaics – portraits of an incredible wealth. You have not perceived all the details yet, then stand back, it is striking.

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Essaouira 4

Cathy Bion

In the flooded with light docks, her painter’s eye pursues colors and materials, tracks of the work of the man in interference with that of the time. Photos of Cathy Bion recreate imaginary landscapes, small colored fragments of life which she invites to share to release ropes towards a free journey.

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Mireille GUÉRIN

Mireille GUÉRIN, tapestry artist, masters the prestigious high-warp loom technique introduced by the Manufacture des Gobelins. She has the knack of fast-forwarding time to offer us very contemporary work.

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Sculptures céramiques - Les Erinyes

Marie-Madeleine Vitrolles

Starting from the visual haikus theme, Marie-Madeleine Vitrolles presents us moments that bring us back to the brevity of existence. To talk about life, what is right in front of our eyes, pleasures of the senses, depth and lightness of the human being. To show also the pathetic and ridiculous aspect of human adventure in the universe. Marie-Madeleine associated a poetic image with an instant of daily reality to provoke beautiful emotions and meaning in the viewer.

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Le gardien des sources

Emmanuel Bour

Emmanuel Bour by working native wood of his region makes be reborn the material. The alternation of the heights and the space gives to his compositions an ambivalent presence, between abstraction and representation. What the nature gets interests him as much as what he can shape himself. It comings and goings between intentions and discoveries, asserts a mastered materiality. The accomplished synthesis of his work serves a surprising creative power.

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Sculpture forgée

Maxime Plancque

Maxime Plancque embodies the contrasts. He hits hard on the metal which lets itself be tamed temporarily and gives rise to long fragile silhouettes. And when the malleable freezes, the magic happens. What wealth!

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Fabio Deronzier - Pour d'autres

Fabio Deronzier

The gallery French Arts Factory accompanies, from 2 years now, Fabio Deronzier, whiz kid recently qualified by the medias of « new replacement » of Turner or still of “heir of Zao Wou-Ki”. The exhibition “Les Imperceptibles” will be the fifth exhibition of the painter. You will find in his last paintings this extraordinary creative power that characterizes him where subjects… often imperceptible… are so present!

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L'Altérité 1

Chichi Reyes

With a highly significant pictorial background and a personal style that leaves an essential part to the imagination, artist Chichi Reyes is one of the most recognized contemporary artists of his generation. He has exhibited in France, Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.

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Et je dors

Anna Golicz-Cottet

Between the use of calligraphy, mastery of space, choice of material, the use of broken lines, why arbitrarily enclose the representation of women? Anna talent serves accomplished work whose interpretation is ours. The female representations of Anna Golicz-Cottet send a series of messages, immediately readable, and it’s been very successful.

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