Lion et Papillon

Ludovic Isidore

The work of Ludovic Isidore is magnetizing. He snatches us by his spiritual dimension, his treatment without concession of colors and by the situation of his subjects in the space. In brief the life in all its dimensions.

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Sculpture vivante Inox forgée

Maxime Plancque

Maxime Plancque embodies the contrasts. He hits hard on the metal which lets itself be tamed temporarily and gives rise to long fragile silhouettes. And when the malleable freezes, the magic happens. What wealth!

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Fabio Deronzier - Nintescence d'une nuit d'automne

Fabio Deronzier

The gallery French Arts Factory accompanies, from 2 years now, Fabio Deronzier, whiz kid recently qualified by the medias of « new replacement » of Turner or still of “heir of Zao Wou-Ki”. The exhibition “Lights” will be the fourth exhibition of the painter. You will find in its last paintings this extraordinary creative power which characterizes him where the subjects are this time carried by a penetrating light.

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Lyre blanche

Marie-France Lesné

Marie-France Lesné, the rebellious. French Arts Factory loves committed artists, particularly when their insubordination traces the furrow of an asserted artistic approach. Marie-France is unique, she comes true because she affected her purpose: she creates unpublished ceramic the convolutions of which challenge the laws of the physics.
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King Angola

Thomas Turner

Thomas Turner invites us to live the urban jungle without undergoing it and his universe carries us. In a way, it is thanks to ” an iron fist in a velvet glove ” that the artist tames a fauna which, quietened down, gives the best of itself.

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Antoine Pierini

Inspired by vernacular objects which he dresses in dream and in history, the artist reinterprets and deconstructs jars, amphoras and packagings of clay, giving a sculptural scale to these former forms and questioning the archaeological remains, the tracks of the sedimented time – as the witnesses of an eternal memory.

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Sculptures céramiques - La marche

Marie-Madeleine Vitrolles

A woman shown under all her facets, through ages, possessed by a constant elegance and a timeless beauty, a mesmerizing grace and a generous abandonment, the woman of Marie-Madeleine belongs to nobody. She does not lock herself either into a style or in a period. She is free …

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Reve d'elfe

Elisabeth Heim

Elisabeth Heim tames flowers to marry them better. Like a final bouquet, the sculpture as the dress is going to grow rich of this flower gift. A hymn in the life makes of curvatures, undulations, movements which dance on brilliant colors.

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Panorama Place de la Republique

Benedicte Klene

Our “chroni-croqueuse”, Bénédicte Klène chose to restore the atmosphere of the Parisian mythical places in the form of horizon. Her panoramas in 180 ° integrate as well the Haussmann architecture as the historic gardens of the capital or still the archetype of the street furniture of which Paris is originally and this in every detail for our most great pleasure.

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Fille Perrault

Sylvie Feltesse

Sylvie Feltesse’s flights of poetry represent the marriage of Parisian scenes and perfectly associated monograms. As if by magic, this dance speaks to us and makes us the lighter existence, her creations are the ambassadresses of a romanticism pictorial of the most accomplished.

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Cathy Bion

In the flooded with light docks, her painter’s eye pursues colors and materials, tracks of the work of the man in interference with that of the time. Photos of Cathy Bion recreate imaginary landscapes, small colored fragments of life which she invites to share to release ropes towards a free journey.

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Thibault Lafleuriel

The glass sculptures of Thibault Lafleuriel are alive and kicking; they enchant us; even his jellyfishes, so elegant, seem friendly … You can only be touched by his craze for the ocean and its inhabitants.

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Maria Cipollena

Dominique Allain

Do you want to discover the synthesis of ” the modern man ” and ” the first man “? With Dominique Allain, the art lovers will not have to choose between the « Quai Branly » and the « palace of Tokyo »! His ceramic portraits so meaning affect us profoundly so much we perceive the beautiful soul of these characters.

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Femme Girafe

Anna Golicz-Cottet

Meaning faces in the lines so fine, the fruit of a work requiring from sculpture in wire. Anna Golicz-Cottet works everything in lightness, making succeed alternately broken, parallel, diagonal lines to give birth to air portraits.

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Marie Baslé

Marie Baslé chooses the way of the association of in fact incompatible, heterogeneous rooms, in the wild aspect: it is her red wire. The spontaneity which characterizes our artist “of the singular art” give birth to mosaics – portraits of an incredible wealth. You have not perceived all the details yet, then stand back, it is striking.

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Arbre voyageur Oslo

Stéphanie Calemard

A floodlit forest, connected mini-trunks, tamed ornamental vertical lines, Stéphanie Calemard knows how to let in the vegetable to thatched cottages. No need and especially in the 21éme century to divide up, to arbitrate between comfort and nature, let us open rather our doors to beings made by bark to join the useful for the pleasant.
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Papier en fibres de murier - Herbes Nuages

Jean-Michel Letellier

Jean-Michel Letellier, a contemporary work in Black and White: do not look for the contradiction for all that! His artistic approach joins in a very promising quest: reveal the rare qualities of the fiber of mulberry tree. According to his inspiration, the paper artist proposes us works which hold or carry the light.

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Fetiche 14

Xavier Noël

You go to be crazy about creations of Xavier Noël, an artist as we like them in the gallery French Arts Factory, mastering perfectly his technique in the service of an unbridled imagination which places his works in the borders of the carnival, the ethnic masks, the Pop art and the primitive arts. It is magic, it is unique!

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Sculpture en bois - Maelstrom

Jean-Pascal Lheureux

Jean-Pascal Lheureux knows how to do speaking wood. He does not work wood, he tortures it for our greater good. Digging the veining allows to sublimate wood , here Torture gives life …

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Sculpture céramique - Grande Mue blanche

Jeanne Sarah Bellaiche

Ceramics of Jeanne Sarah Bellaiche invent a new frontier that has no fixed limit. The lines move, the content can be container, the base becomes top … Thanks Jeanne for this imaginary journey to the edge of space-time.

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Sculpture carton - Iloa

Marie-Anne Thieffry

Women of Marie-Anne Thieffry are sculptural. That humanity is beautiful! Light, that is the material used by our artist and light we are by so much grace, ready to willingly go towards our neighbor. Perfection is not of this world? To see …

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Mireille GUÉRIN

Mireille GUÉRIN, tapestry artist, masters the prestigious high-warp loom technique introduced by the Manufacture des Gobelins. She has the knack of fast-forwarding time to offer us very contemporary work.

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